Top 10 Movie Crimes of All Time

05 July 2017
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Description: Sundance's NEXT FEST is hosting a special 35mm screening of Reservoir Dogs in downtown Los Angeles on August 10th. Head to to get your tickets! They're celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Reservoir Dogs and so are we! Sure, they're giving Tarantino the Sundance Institute's Vanguard award, but we're giving him one better... a coveted spot on a CineFix Movie List! This week, we're breaking down cinema's greatest crimes! The Picks: 10 - Motive - Dog Day Afternoon 9 - Plan - Gone Girl 8 - Team - Ocean's Eleven 7 - Prep - Ichi the Killer 6 - Score - Inside Man 5 - Execution - Oldboy 4 - Getaway - Catch Me If You Can 3 - Coverup - Chinatown 2 - Capture - Se7en 1 - Aftermath - Reservoir Dogs Subscribe to CineFix for and movie-related content. Follow us Twitter: Oh, and we're on the Facebook: More Recent CineFix Videos: 7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Shaun of the Dead Speed's Bus Jump - Art of the Scene Jurassic Park's Paddock Attack - Art of the Scene Edge of Tomorrow/All You Need is Kill - What's the Difference?