Top 10 Disaster Movies (HD)

27 August 2016
Electric Guardian
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Description: Made with Registered Wondershare Filmora. The list is my opinion, I watched all of the movies that are related to disasters and this is what I think. Don't be angry if you think something is missing or that movie should be in a higher place. Thanks for watching anyway :P 10) The Core - The Core is in the list because it shows the heating of the inner core of the Earth, yet increasing the gravity. Lightning seems to hit the ground because of massive gravitational pull towards the center of Earth. 9) Armageddon - I had watched this for many times and has always fulfilled my interest in Disaster films. It's the same story as Deep Impact but very different on the idea. 8) Unstoppable - It's inspired by the 2001 CSX 8888 incident where the train speeds up to 106 km/h, but was stopped a few hours later. It has very thrilling plots where someone has to risk their lives. 7) San Andreas - I chose to put this on the list because it could happen in real-life, probably a 9.3 magnitude earthquake hitting my hometown which is Manila, Philippines. It is called "The Big One" or "Don" for short. 6) 2012 - I had watched 2012 since its release, when I was just 6 years old. I like the Earthquake scene, because it shows what will happen in the year 2012. 5) Knowing - It is where the Sun continuously making Solar Flares that can burn an entire planet, even though the Earth ended here, it is still an educational story for me. 4) Daylight - It shows the explosion of flammable chemicals in barrels carried by trucks, but somehow, a car flipped and crashed into one of the trucks, causing a massive explosion of chemicals obviously trapping everyone inside the tunnel. 3) The Day After Tomorrow - It shows 3 super hurricanes hitting North America, probably causing multiple tornadoes, and a tsunami. When you reach the Eye of the Storm, everything in its path will instantly freeze. 2) Titanic - The 3-Hour Thriller Disaster Film is a real-life event where the Titanic blindly hits an iceberg because of miscommunication from the driver to the look-out crew, about 3/4 of the passengers had died including the captain. 1) Deep Impact - It shows a huge meteor about to hit the Earth, but was destroyed by a suicidal-shuttle that has a nuclear bomb inside it hitting it. The Comet that struck created about 1000ft of tidal waves that can kill everyone on Earth, but some people managed to stay alive while NASA is doing its best to save the Earth. List is approved by my cousin and my other classmates in school who also like these kind of films. But, the best disaster is when we got scolded by a teacher just by playing a WATER BOTTLE FLIP TOURNAMENT!!! She said why are we playing that game, and she's ashamed because we are in a Top Section. Why do you think we shouldn't play that game? It's for entertainment, if it's truly prohibited, they should had written that on the Forum. Teachers these days.....