Purple Sunset(紫日)| Chinese/English Sub | Full movie 1080p | CN/RU/JP/EN

18 March 2016
Steve Huang
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Description: A masterpiece of war and humanity by 冯小宁/Feng Xiaoning, with splendid image and music. At the end of WW2, three people of totally different culture, got together for the horrible war in Northeast China, and started a long journey in the vast forest and grassy marshland for living. A Chinese farmer(富大龙/Fu Dalong) who suffered a lot from the war, a Japanese girl(前田知惠/まえだちえ) grown up with education of agressive military , a Russian female soldier(安娜·捷尼拉洛娃/Anna Dzenilalova) been in too many wars, and they took a way full of terrors and danger with no end... 《紫日》是由冯小宁自编自导,富大龙、前田知惠、安娜·捷尼拉洛娃联合主演的二战剧情电影,影片于2001年4月11日在中国上映。 二战即将结束时,忠厚老实的中国老百姓杨玉福(富大龙)被苏联红军从日本人的屠刀下救出。向后方转移的路上,苏军误入日军军营,一场激战过后,杨玉福和女军医娜佳(安娜·捷尼拉洛娃)逃进林区,碰上与日军失散的少女秋叶子(前田知惠)。由于一直被灌输军国主义思想,秋叶子一心要置杨玉福和娜佳于死地。几次险境过后,娜佳无法忍受秋叶子的作为,让杨玉福杀了她,但后者不忍下手。 茫茫林区里,语言不通的三人经过一系列磨难,渐渐产生情谊,秋叶子意识到自己之前行为的荒谬,展露出纯真一面。然而,欢笑只是暂时,战争并没将他们遗忘,悲剧在不久后发生。