Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini Movie - Film Indonesia 2014

26 January 2014
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Description: Since graduating S1, almost 2 years Muluk not get a job. Although it has always failed but Muluk never despair. Meeting with pickpocket named Comet unexpected job opportunities for Muluk. Comets bring Muluk to his base, and then introduced to his boss called Jarot. Muluk shocked because it was gathered at the headquarters of the children's age that his work is pilfer Comet. Muluk reasonable spin and see the opportunities that it offers to Jarot. He assured Jarot that he can manage their finances, and ask in return 10 % of the proceeds pilfer, including the cost of educating them. Muluk fruitful business managed, but in his heart was moved intention to direct the pickpocket to want to change their profession. Assisted by two colleagues who are also scholars, Muluk divide their duties to teach religion, character and citizenship.